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GOPIKA offers us a glimpse into the deeper meaning of "Mantra" as the result of her own personal experience and the study of Sanskrit mantras in their original ancient form at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai where she studied for many years.

Teaching & Workshops 

"Vedic Mantras are sacred word-sounds in rhythmical prose that were received and transmitted by the Rishis in ancient times. Above and beyond religion, we sing these mantras as a way to effectively connect ourselves to nature, within and around us. Like seeds of transformation and consciousness, these chants carry deep meanings that were passed down unaltered for at least three thousand years. An eternal bridge from the past to the future; Sound, Music and Mantras remain as a timeless expression of our aspiration to transcend and experience Oneness with all."

Om Shanti, Om Namo Narayana, Hari Om or the Gayatri. These are some of the mantras that spiritual seekers may be familiar with. In the western world these sacred chants are often sung as light catchy tunes, but too often the deeper sense of these Sacred Sounds is lost in shallow interpretation. In India, an authentic rendition of these sacred chants was always considered to be essential. Our aim is to sing, and teach when possible, these ancient mantras, using a technique that has been passed down unchanged for centuries. Recited properly and consciously; every Syllable, Vowel and Consonant has its own intrinsic significance. 

Ganapati Mantra Ghanapatha

  Sung by Nadaka & Gopika

This chant is a variation of the Ganapati Samhitah

From ancient times, Vedic mantras were passed down orally and were retained purely by memory over generations. The Vedic Seers evolved complex tonal and rhythmical sequences that were inspired and designed to transform the being through deep concentration and the cyclic repetition of these Mantras.

          Shamno Mitra

  Sung by Nadaka & Gopika

This chant is a a Shanti Mantra

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