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Nādakā was born and raised in Québec City and began his musical journey on the guitar at a very young age. At 16, drawn by eastern philosophies and seeking adventure, he travelled by sea and overland to finally reach India, his adopted country. Nadaka was an early habitant and pioneer of Auroville, the international township in South India, which has been his home for over 40 years. His love and passion for Indian culture led him to study its music, study vocal and Indian string instruments, especially the Veena and Sarod. As a matter of course, East & West combined in life and art. During his travels throughout South India, Nadaka becomes inspired by his regular meetings with renowned Veena and Tanpura maker Ramji of Trichy, a prominent Tamil culture & musicology scholar. That is when Nadaka embarked on a lifelong project to craft a unique acoustic guitar that would gradually evolve into a 24-string instrument that allowed him to emulate the subtle tones in Indian music. He wittingly calls this one-of-a-kind instrument the "Geet-Taar" from the Sanskrit, "Singing-Strings," combining elements of the veena, swaramandal, tanpura, and even guitar; into one. Over time, he also integrated high-tech electronics into his instrument, allowing him to create orchestral soundscapes. Nadaka is renowned for his virtuosity and signature contemplative sound, which seamlessly combines traditional Indian music with contemporary styles. With many successful albums to his credit, he was recording and performing with many recognized Indian musicians such as A.R. Rahman/Film composer, Ganesh-Kumaresh/violin, Shivamani/drums, Vikku Vinayakram, and his son Selvaganesh/ Carnatic percussionists. He has also toured extensively for concerts and workshops sharing the stage with his partner Gopika vocalist and her son Keshava/tabla.

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NADAKA - RagaGuitar
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Veena, Swara Mandal, Tanpura & Guitar

with adjustable mobile frets combined into one instrument

for Indian Classical Music and World Fusion

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NADAKA Raga Kirvani
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"Music at once virtuosic, complex, and contemplative."
Nadaka has delved not only into Indian musicology, but has also tinkered some technical innovations with the western guitar in order to adapt the instrument to accommodate microtonal scales of a hybridized musical style between Western and Indian traditions. Nadaka's own revolutionary solution was to create a guitar with a scalloped neck, mobile frets like those of a sitar, tuned to perfect 5ths. Pure gearheadedness? Not on your life... His music stands testament that the carpentry is done truly in service to the music.

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