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This is one of the most unusual and lovely Mantra albums I've ever heard. These performers have transformed traditional material into something original and incredibly beautiful. Also perfect for meditation and yoga, Absolutely exquisite!                                              Facing North Review                                                                   

This album is a selection of Vedic mantras chanted in dedication to the Sun, this magnificent source of light and energy that shines at the center of our world.
Veda means knowledge. Vedic Mantras were received by the Rishis, seekers of knowledge, from an intuitive plane of consciousness. These Mantras were passed down orally for thousands of years, carrying deep hidden truths, formulae of the inner workings of our being and our innate connection to the elements in our universe. Chanted in their original form, they can stimulate the higher mind, rejuvenate the body and bring a sense of infinity to the soul.
In Sanskrit, the word itself carries the vibration of its meaning and the magic lies in reaching beyond the mental sphere to touch a realm, where these sound-syllables and their intonation combined, offer a transcending experience. In India, it is said that sound is at the source of all creation, Nada Brahma. In this work, we have rendered some of these mantras in their original form respecting their inherent beauty and vibration. We have integrated them into a contemporary musical setting inspired by our search to connect these sacred sounds to our lives in the present day.



 Celebration - Straight to your Heart - Medley - Living Colours & Live in Paris

"Classical Indian / Jazz Fusion is alive and well thanks to artists like Nadaka, who retain all the best elements of its 1970's roots while adding touches which keep a contemporary sound. These albums are among the gems of recent recordings in this genre". 
   (The Internet Guide to Indian Classical /Jazz Fusion)

Gopika Vocal  Nadaka Raga Guitar
Nirvana Shatakam is one of the rare stotras composed by Adi Shankaracharya (Adi Sankara Bhagawat Pada 8th Century). In this text Adi Sankara identifies himself with Lord Shiva and thereby explains his philosophy of Oneness or non-dualism. Nirvanasatakam Stotram repeats the word “Shivoham” which literally means “I am Shiva”.
Here sung so beautifully by Gopika Dahanukar
Nadaka Guitars & Vocal  Ganesh Violin 
Shivamani  Drums & Percussion
This album draws upon a large spectrum of instruments and musical traditions. Featuring Ganesh's questing violin and extended guitar solo by Nadaka, Above, below, in between, there is wonderful percussion work from Shivamani, the cymbals flittering, the rhythms and textures changing almost by the second as Indian and Western musical modes play off each other and intertwine. At its best, this is more than just a synthesis. It is a celebration of how different types of musical expression can approach and, through working together, evoke the "true note"
NADAKA-STYH- Cover.png
Nadaka RagaGuitar & Vocal  Ganesh Violin
Vikku Vinayakram  Ghatam   Selvaganesh  Kanjira
With his modified guitar Nadaka comes very close to the sound of a veena while conserving the technique of the guitar. But the quality of this album is not limited to the discovery of this new instrument. The music by Nadaka and Ganesh (violin) plays joyfully on contrasts and subtleties. Moments of calm are followed by complex rhythmic patterns played by the two percussionists the world renowned Vikku of Shakti fame and his son Selvaganesh. It's all 100% acoustic. You feel the strings rubbing and the skins vibrating! 
NADAKA-Live in Paris CD Square.png
Nadaka & the Basavaraj Brothers
Nadaka RagaGuitar Balasai Flute Ragavendra Violin
Sivaramakrishna Sitar   Ganesh Rao Tabla
Ramakrishnan Mridangam & percussions 

"Living Colours" is an acoustic fusion of Indian Classical music with a contemporary jazzy feel Spontaneous, compelling music that carries the essence and beauty of traditional Indian music together with  World  Sounds performed with great energy and virtuosity.
Nadaka & the Basavaraj Brothers
Nadaka RagaGuitar Balasai Flute Ragavendra Violin Sivaramakrishna Sitar  Ganesh Rao Tabla Kesavan Mridangam & percussions
Nadaka surrounds himself with some of India's finest musicians and is completely egalitarian with his arrangements, allowing his talented collaborators ample opportunities for improvisation. However, each member never uses their solo sections to exploit their own virtuosity. Instead, improvisations are vehicles to enhance rather than detract from the beauty of the compositions. Collectively the group sounds like an orchestra filling the room with vibrant sonorous imagery. Their melodic creations are passionate, spontaneous, and meditative. While an acoustic guitar played within the framework of traditional Indian setting draws inevitable comparisons to John McLaughlin's "Shakti," this association is somewhat misleading. Nadaka's work is his own and represents the very best in contemporary improvised music and is highly recommended.                                                             © James Scott -minor seventh
Meditation one
Meditation three
Meditation two
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.34.43
MEDLEY (1992 - 2008)

Originally pressed as a limited edition CD during Nadaka's " a Sense of the Infinite" 2008 tour, As the name Medley implies, this album has a varied selection of tracks edited and remastered from previous albums. Plus, 5 original new tracks featuring Gopika - vocal, Bryce Grinlington - flute,

Mishko M'Ba - Bass & Suresh Bascara Drums and percussion.
This also includes the Track Om Shanti, an east/west collaboration with the famous Swedish musician: Johan Zachrisson (Zilversurf)

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