Nadaka was born and raised in Québec City, and began playing the guitar at a very young age. At 16, he decided to travel overland across the world all the way to India his adopted country for over 40 years. He lives primarily in the international township of Auroville in South India. His love and passion for Indian culture led him to study its music and learn vocal and Indian string instruments - Veena and Sarod. Later he designed and crafted a unique instrument of his own, a 24-string guitar Raga Guitar specially designed to play the subtle tones of Indian music that he often also likes to call the “Geet-Taar” (singing strings). From the early days of Indian fusion, he was deeply involved in the contemporary music scene in India, recording and performing with many recognized Indian musicians such as A.R. Rahman, Ganesh-Kumaresh, Vikku Vinayakram, Selvaganesh & Shivamani. He has a number of successful albums to his credit. Inspired by traditional Indian Ragas and rhythms, Nadaka plays his own distinct style of east-west fusion.

NADAKA - RagaGuitar
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