NADAKA - RagaGuitar
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Veena, Swara Mandal, Tanpura & Guitar
with adjustable mobile frets
combined into one instrument

for Indian Classical Music and World Fusion

NADAKA Raga Kirvani
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"Music at once virtuosic, complex, and contemplative."
Nadaka has delved not only into Indian musicology, but has also tinkered some technical innovations with the western guitar in order to adapt the instrument to accommodate microtonal scales of a hybridized musical style between Western and Indian traditions. Nadaka's own revolutionary solution was to create a guitar with a scalloped neck, mobile frets like those of a sitar, tuned to perfect 5ths. Pure gearheadedness? Not on your life... His music stands testament that the carpentry is done truly in service to the music.

Minor Seventh The Acoustic Guitar Magazine