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Gopika was born in Mumbai, India, and her mother, Prafulla Dahanukar, was well-known artist and patron of the arts. Gopika grew up taking lessons in Hindustani classical singing and was later drawn to the study of sanskrit mantra chanting. She for over 15 years in South India at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville where she first met Nadaka. Along with music, she also pursues other artistic forms such as Visual art and photography. Currently, as a synthesis of her research in visual form and Vedic sound, she is creates immersive art installations that are meditative in nature.  Her artistic aim is “to create both art and music that bring awareness and state of quiet.” Gopika’s voice has a soulful quality that reflects her seeking spirit.    


"Inspired by the soulful traditions of India, we have combined our energies to create music that communicates a certain sense of peace and wellbeing to our listeners. We interpret and compose contemporary sounding music that is strongly rooted in traditional Ragas and Chants. Mostly, we seek to share the deeper aspects of sound and vibration with our audience "

Nadaka & Gopika met in Auroville, India and have since collaborated on numerous musical ventures. Says Nadaka: “as an invaluable addition to my musical spectrum, I have been most fortunate to learn these mantra’s from Gopika in their deep original form” Gopika ads: Nadaka’s unique Raga-Guitar sounds harmonise perfectly with the vibration of the chants.

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