" This is one of the most unusual and lovely Mantra albums I've ever heard. The performers have transformed traditional material into  something original and incredibly beautiful.
 Perfect for meditation and yoga,

 Absolutly exquisite ! "
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Surya - Chants of Light

SURYA is the sun. This album is a selection of Vedic mantras chanted in dedication to this magnificent source of light and energy that shines at the center of our world and deep within our cells.


Veda means knowledge. Vedic Mantras were received by the Rishis, seekers of knowledge, from an intuitive plane of consciousness. These Mantras were passed down orally for thousands of years, carrying deep hidden truths, formulae of the inner workings of our being and our innate connection to the elements in our universe. Chanted in their original form, they can stimulate the higher mind, rejuvenate the body and bring a sense of infinity to the soul.
In Sanskrit, the word itself carries the vibration of its meaning and the magic lies in reaching beyond the mental sphere to touch a realm, where these sound-syllables and their intonation combined, offer a transcending experience.
In India, it is said that sound is at the source of all creation, Nada Brahma. In this work, we have rendered some of these mantras in their original form respecting their inherent beauty and vibration. We have integrated them into a contemporary musical setting inspired by our search to connect these sacred sounds to our lives in the present day.


Our aspiration is to create music that uplifts and awakens.We invite you on this journey with a wish that this creation resonates with your being.




Suryaya Swaha 
prelude and hymn to the Sun
Arogya Mantra 
a quest for integral health
Gayatri Mantra 
seeking the light of knowledge
nine planets
eight verses to the Sun
the offering
Surya Namaskar 
salutation to the Sun
inner sky

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